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There are three types of data in the PID:

Between 2006 and 2012, the NCI-Nature Curated data were created by Nature Publishing Group editors and reviewed by experts in the field. Biomolecules are annotated with UniProt protein identifiers and relevant post-translational modifications. Interactions are annotated with evidence codes and references.

BioCarta data from June 2004 was imported without expert review, and biomolecules are annotated by Entrez Gene identifiers without associated post-translational modifications. Evidence codes and references are not included in the annotation.

Human pathways from Reactome were first imported into the PID in December, 2007, and correspond to Reactome's Version 22 release. Biomolecules are annotated with UniProt identifiers and post-translational modifications.

All NCI-Nature Curated data are produced by Nature Publishing Group editors according to the following principles:

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