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Pathway Interaction Database

Biomolecular interactions and cellular processes assembled into authoritative human signaling pathways

136 Human Pathways 9248 Interactions Curated by NCI-Nature up to September 2012

322 Human Pathways 7575 Interactions Imported from BioCarta/Reactome

Date last updated: 18 September 2012


Simple search help

You may enter molecule names, molecule IDs, biological process terms and/or biological process IDs as a comma-separated list. Molecule names may be any alias listed in Entrez Gene. Molecule IDs may be UniProt protein accession numbers, HUGO gene symbols, Entrez Gene IDs, and CAS numbers. Biological processes may be Gene Ontology (GO) terms, GO identifiers (entered in the format GO:0000000), and NCI thesaurus terms and identifiers.

Wildcard searches can be performed with search terms of 3 or more characters using the asterisk (*). For example, “Ras*” will find, among other terms, “Ras family”. Asterisks can be included at the beginning, end or both beginning and end of the term.

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